Privacy Policy

We here at Shades Of Green take your privacy very seriously. You may give us some personal information such as your name, contact, email, and other various details.

  1. We collect your information upon signing up with Shades Of Green and through the customer registration process.
  2. We will only send you order confirmation emails or updated policy emails.
  3. By signing up for our newsletter, you are agreeing to allow us to send you promotional materials. You can easily opt out any time.
  4. We only collect and use your personal information for the purposes we specify and other related purposes. We should not be needing to use your information for something else, but for whatever reason if we did, we would first contact you and seek your permission.
  5. Rest assured your information is safe with us. Here at Shades Of Green will never sell, rent, or share your information. The information you provide is 100% safe with us.
  6. From time to time, you may receive an email with promotions, new products, and a survey on how your satisfaction with Shades Of Green. If you would like to opt out of all emails from Shades Of Green email (our email) by adding OPT OUT in the subject line.
  7. We commit ourselves to conducting business in line with these principles in attempt to protect and maintain confidentiality of your private information.